Alexander Negrelli

1968 — born in Mannheim

1991–1995 — Studies of visual communication at the Ecole de Recherche Graphique and ISLAP La Cambre, Brussels

As a freelance lecturer — Graphic Design, Akademie für Kommunikation, Mannheim • Corporate Design, SRH Hochschule Heidelberg • Web-Design, Dekra University of Applied Sciences, Berlin for Computer Structures • Duale Hochschule BW, Mannheim • Fixed Term Faculty (Lecturer) for Graphic Design and Corporate Design, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI, USA • Adjunct Faculty for Computer Graphics and Web Design, James Madison University Harrisonburg, VA, USA

2019 — Sign On Canvas (en) in Total Armageddon: A Reader on Design (Slanted Publishers, Karlsruhe)

2017 — Basic remarks on CGI (Counter-Signals #2, Chicago) • Shooting the Extras: National Corporate Design (Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, NL)

2015 — Interdisciplinary Work Between Arts and Sciences, ISBN 978-3-89462-198-8 (University of the Arts, Berlin)

2013 — Sign On Canvas: The Signature as a Typographic Element in Art (Essay) (Slanted Magazine #22)

2012 — What London’s Logo Wants to Tell Us (Essay, German)) (Die ZEIT online, 8.8.2012) • Kommando Otl Aicher: Über das Erscheinungsbild / On visual identity, JVE Publishing, ISBN 978-90-72076-55-7 • Motorscream Landscapes: type in graphic literature (Essay) (Slanted #17)
2011 — Rotis Reality: On Otl Aicher’s Typeface Family (Essay) (Slanted #13 ) • The Revolution won‘t be set in Garamond (Essay) (Slanted #11)

Lectures / Talks
2017 — „Calm down, modernity, your legs are ok.“, Laura Mars Gallery, Berlin

2016 — Untotal Recall: On CGI and the Idea of Realism, Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant

2015 — Negativity as a Marketing Tool, JVEA, Berlin, D

2014 — Truth according to CGI, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA •, Pecha Kucha #38, Designtransfer (University of the Arts, Berlin) • On the Metapolygonal Condition: CGI vs. Reality, Jan van Eyck Association (JVEA), Berlin • Design, Moral und Terroristen, HfG Karlsruhe

2013 — Render Farm Apocalypse: On Digital Production Design, ICI – Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Berlin • Visual Communication, Vorlesung, German University Cairo

2012 — Kommando Otl Aicher,, Münster and Pecha Kucha #29, Berlin • On Appearance, Nemetschek Foundation, Munich • Les Pictogrammes Et Leur Signification Visuelle En 1972, Ecole de Recherche Graphique, Brüssel • Terrorists And Logotype, Bolditalic, Gent

2011 — The Poster Art Of The Palestinian Liberation Mouvement In The 1960s, Jan van Eyck Academy (JVE), Maastricht • Landfill, Pits And Rubble Mountains – lectures on heaps and holes, conference and exhibition organization, JVE

Scholarships / Awards
2017 — Inclusion of Kommando Otl Aicher in the Olympic World Library of the IOC

2013 — Founding member of the Jan van Eyck Association e.V., Berlin

2012 — UdK Prize for interdisciplinary art and science for Kommando Otl Aicher

2010–2012 — Research fellow in Design at the Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht

2008 — Crystal window, artist exchange, Forum Europa, Poznań / Wrocław

Alexander Negrelli

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